Atlantic Intermodal Services (AIS)

Atlantic Intermodal Services in Savannah, GA is an intermodal trucking and container drayage company that provides intermodal logistics and transportation services to clients in Savannah, GA and the surrounding areas.

Our Savannah, GA facility was first opened in 1992 and has recently expanded into a six-acre facility. Known for container drayage, we also offer the following valuable services:

  • Dedicated container and truckload services
  • Domestic Drayage
  • Chassis Solutions
  • Hostling Services

Atlantic Intermodal Services (AIS) has seven facilities strategically located across the East coast. Atlantic Intermodal Services (AIS) is also part of the IMC Companies national network of transportation companies. That gives you the advantage of our local market knowledge combined with coast-to-coast coverage. Our combined roster includes over, more than 2,300 employees, more than 11,000 containers and chassis and more than 1 million TEUs moved annually – all working for you!

Contact us at 912-232-3232 to see how we can help.

  • 401 Telfair Rd, Unit E, Garden City, GA, 31415
  • Phone: (912) 232-3232
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