Providing the Fastest Solutions For Your Supply Chain

In an unpredictable world, knowing your shipments will arrive at their destination on time is of utmost importance.

If weather or disasters or breakdowns threaten to delay a critical shipment, rest assured that with our network resources and expedited service expertise, we can help work out the best alternative to get what you need where you need it.

IMC Companies is focused exclusively on increasing efficiencies in the logistics processes of our clients. As an asset-based logistics provider, we can leverage our national network of trucking transport and support businesses to ensure optimal results, eliminating waste from your supply chain model. We pride ourselves in being able to exceed your expectations by leveraging our expertise in intermodal logistics, our relationships and our own assets.

We pride ourselves in being able to exceed your expectations by leveraging our expertise in intermodal logistics, our relationships and our own assets.

Your Cargo is our Priority With our Expedited Rail Solution.

Our expedited rail solution avoids cargo delays at the port and rail ramps, minimizing exposure to demurrage and detention penalties while improving the velocity of your supply chain.

IMC is moving cargo out of ports and terminals up to two times faster with expedited rail. With our solution, you are receiving dedicated rail and truck capacity at origin. At destination, you are receiving dedicated truck power as well as a focused empty container return program to minimize per diem exposure. In many cases, we can return an empty container for every import container we pick up from our expedited train.

Time-sensitive Shipments, we can help.

Should interruptions occur, IMC will have a prepared custom drayage solution that will quickly serve your needs to accommodate your deadlines:

  • The right logistics plan to meet your specific needs

    Regardless of where your cargo is, or where it is headed, as a national company with local expertise, we can help create the right logistics plan to meet your deadlines. With locations at all major ports and rails, we offer the most beneficial transportation solution with timely delivery of your cargo to its ultimate destination.

  • Solutions that exceed your expectations.

    Since visibility and transparency are key elements to a successful supply chain, we offer real-time access to the location and ETA of your cargo at any point in transit. This includes satellite GPS tracking requirements from 100% of own assets or partner motor carriers.

Your Results

With IMC’s expedited rail, your containers will have decreased wait times at the ports and rail ramps, as well as reduced exposure to demurrage and detention fees. This gives customers increased predictability and better inventory planning, while mitigating risk for shipments.

IMC is providing the fastest and most efficient transit for your supply chain.


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