What are SmartStacks?

SmartStacks, our proprietary, data-based version of the peel pile exponentially increases a driver's efficiency and our overall capacity.

Using IMC’s proprietary app, drivers can self-assign the most available load vs. waiting for a specific one. With our methodology we have doubled driver productivity, eliminated wasted lifts, and made cargo more accessible to our customers.

Working with terminals to create SmartStacks, IMC is moving cargo out of ports and terminals up to two times faster.

In addition, we collaborate with smaller trucking companies to create additional capacity for our customers. As the largest marine drayage company in the nation and the thought leader, IMC is improving the overall process for our customers, our partners, and the industry.

It takes more than a peel pile and an app to move containers out of congested ports and terminals.

It takes real-time visibility. Capacity at IMC’s nearby depots. Decades and decades of drayage savvy. And integrated technology to tie it all together.

IMC provides scalable solutions to get your cargo delivered fast and on time. Using SmartStacks, we’re tripling the number of out-gates at ports and terminals across the nation. In doing so, we’re reducing driver idling time by 67%, which reduces fuel costs and carbon emissions.

This groundbreaking shift in thinking could mean improved processes and outcomes for everyone including the rails, ports, beneficial cargo owners (BCOs), trucking companies and end users everywhere.

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