See what you need to see

Innovative problem-solving has been core to who we are. Our investment in technology has helped us lay the groundwork to leverage efficiencies, improve driver experience, increase visibility, and keep trucks rolling.

  • Moving cargo out of ports and terminals up to two times faster.

  • Utilizing smaller trucking companies to create additional capacity for our customers.

  • Optimized dispatching, with software that auto assigns freight to drivers based on efficiency and priority.

  • Integrated apps: MyDriver for our drivers and Power Direct for vendor drivers.

Compass is our web portal that can help you monitor your shipments and provide updates 24/7. Learn more...

Beyond all that, IMC’s proprietary IMCompass portal integrates with each customer’s data system and provides a system for those who don’t have one. Each of our trucks uses geo-fencing data to automatically signal arrival and departure information, so our customers receive real-time status information and tracking for all active shipments.

Technology doesn’t merely help increase capacity for our clients – it keeps our drivers focused on what they do best, safe driving. All of our company trucks are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment including anti-collision technology and vehicle event recorders which we use for coaching.

Visible advantages

Check out the advantages of the IMC Companies Visibility Program:

  • Information may be designated to push to you or be pulled by you as needed.

  • Cargo locations, container status and shipment ETAs are instantly available.

  • Early notification of shipment delays to help manage productivity and costs.

  • Important documents accessible in real time.

  • Secure proof of delivery, reported digitally, with or without signature.

  • Depot reporting, including in/out and inventory check.