On whichever system you prefer.

You can’t effectively manage a supply chain if you can’t see all the moving parts. IMC Companies is committed to giving you comprehensive, end-to-end visibility. With data integrated into any system. And if you don’t have a system, you can use ours.

If weather or disasters or breakdowns threaten to delay a critical shipment, you have an early warning. Rest assured, however – with our network resources and expedited service expertise, we can help work out the best alternative to get what you need where you need it.

We’ve invested significant years and dollars in developing visibility tools for a diverse set of clients with very high expectations. The result is a flexible, customer-driven system. High tech that makes sense.

Compass is our web portal that can help you monitor your shipments and provide updates 24/7. Learn more...

Visible advantages

Check out the advantages of the IMC Companies Visibility Program:

  • Information may be designated to push to you or be pulled by you as needed.

  • Cargo locations, container status and shipment ETAs are instantly available.

  • Early notification of shipment delays to help manage productivity and costs.

  • Important documents accessible in real time.

  • Secure proof of delivery, reported digitally, with or without signature.

  • Depot reporting, including in/out and inventory check.