The most efficient Transloading Solutions


IMC provides warehousing and transloading solutions to accommodate the needs of our customers. Our expertise in the industry plus our local knowledge allows us to develop customized solutions for our customers.

IMC Services

In California, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania, the IMC network of intermodal logistics centers connect you to the best and most efficient warehousing solutions.

IMC has invested in our warehouse space due to our ongoing commitment to provide seamless inland solutions for our clients. With specialized transloading solutions, we’re able to efficiently reload clients’ products and keep your supply chain moving.

Location Highlights:

  • Long Beach, California

    Our Compton location has 5 acres of secure container storage, 100,000 square foot warehouse with 13 dock doors, and a green forklift fleet focused on efficient and sustainable transloading.

  • Memphis, Tennessee

    Our Memphis location has a secure cross dock facility with 22 dock doors available to create the best experience possible for our valued customers needing transloading solutions.

  • Cincinnati, Ohio

    Our Cincinnati location features a 30,000 sq. foot warehouse fully equipped with M&R capabilities, cross dock services, transloading services, and container storage. Our 12 acre terminal is secured 24/7.

  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Our Philadelphia location has a secure, 15,000 square foot warehouse outfitted with 23 dock doors and 3 lifts dedicated to efficient transloading.

  • Riverside, California

    Our Riverside location has a secure transloading facility with a 20,000 square foot warehouse dedicated to fulfilling your transloading needs.


Transloading = cost savings

The proximity of our warehouses and container terminals to the major ports across the U.S. allows our drivers to transport containers for transloading as it fits our clients’ supply chains. Our transloading services provide cost-effective solutions for moving containers inland:

  • Unloading of floor-loaded containers and palletizing of cargo for outbound

  • Transloading of cargo from ocean containers to domestic rail containers

  • Transloading of cargo from ocean containers to trailers

Benefits of Transloading

Cost Savings

Avoid chassis & container storage charges, and reduce cost of OTR inland transportation.


Consolidate cargo with various modes of transport.


Consolidate and position cargo near the source, destination, or import/export port.


Verify the condition of the cargo before reaching the final destination.

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