We are always looking for good people

We are always looking for the right people – people who go the extra mile to take care of our customers, people who create solutions to the many challenges we all face in the transportation industry, people who back up their technical knowledge with value and integrity.

If you are dedicated, dependable and want to help make IMC Companies better, check out the job opportunities we have available.

Good People

Choose your career path:

Become a Driver

Become a Driver

IMC Companies allows you to be in control of both your career and your life outside of work. We know the happiest drivers are the ones who enjoy a healthy work-life balance.

Become a Driver
Office Staff

Join our Office Staff

Be a part of a team that goes the extra mile to take care of our customers and use their technical knowledge to create solutions we all face in the transportation industry.

Open Positions

Core Values


Ever since we started with one truck and a part-time driver over 40 years ago, we’ve defined ourselves as a growth oriented company. We met or exceeded that goal every year since. We’re also committed to personal growth. IMC invests in training and developing each team member, to improve performance and to simply make this a great place to work.

Sharing the Success

We believe in sharing the success. As we grow, we make sure the people who created that growth share in the benefits. Those people certainly include our leaders and team members. But we don’t forget to do right by the customers and strategic partners that helped us along the way.


While we’re proud to have become the leading marine drayage provider in the United States, we’ll never abandon the entrepreneurial spirit that got us here. IMC is leveraging technology, creativity, industry savvy and plain common sense to serve not just our own clients, but our whole industry.

Stronger Together

We operate as a unified team, recognizing that we are, indeed, stronger together. When we collaborate and cooperate – recognizing one another’s strengths and expertise – we achieve more. We invest in each other knowing that we win or lose as a team.


To us, this word is all about doing things the right way. Always. Even if it costs us extra time and money. We will always be trustworthy and dependable. We began our company as a family business and family values will always matter here.

Have Fun

We excel at our work because we love it. We have fun together. Laugh, make people feel good. When we enjoy our work and celebrate successes, we create an environment where people like to be.