Moving drayage

Our focus is to accelerate drayage – through resourcefulness, passionate drive, innovative technology and thought leadership.

IMC Companies is the largest marine drayage firm in the United States. Additional supply chain services include chassis provisioning, dedicated trains, expedited services, secured container storage, and warehousing. Further, IMC operates depots and container storage facilities serving every major port and rail terminal in the country.

We love to solve your logistical problems. Whether large or small, we can scale for your needs. Our network is designed for breadth and depth – so we have the experience and flexibility to put together solutions to your logistics challenges. And save you money.

Our core offerings include:

  • Marine Drayage / Intermodal Trucking

    IMC Companies is the largest marine drayage provider in the U.S. with the largest fleet of trucks and chassis and an integrated network of smart depots.

  • Expedited Services

    A leader in the trucking industry, IMC Companies has an insider’s view of opportunities for improvements and efficiencies in the transportation process, the value of which only a seasoned, industry veteran could understand.

  • Equipment Storage

    State-of-the-art depot facilities in Alliance (Texas), Dallas, Indianapolis, Memphis, and Nashville are the cornerstones of our storage network.

  • Warehousing

    In California, Minnesota, Tennessee, Texas, and Pennsylvania the IMC Companies network of intermodal logistics centers connect you to the best and most efficient warehousing solutions.