Moving drayage

Our focus is to accelerate drayage – through resourcefulness, passionate drive, innovative technology and thought leadership.

IMC is the largest marine drayage firm in the United States. Additional supply chain services include chassis provisioning, dedicated trains, expedited services, secured container storage, and warehousing. Further, IMC operates depots and container storage facilities serving every major port and rail terminal in the country.

IMC Solutions

We love to solve your logistical problems. Whether large or small, we can scale for your needs. Our network is designed for breadth and depth – so we have the experience and flexibility to put together solutions to your logistics challenges. And save you money.

Our core offerings include:

Marine Drayage

With the largest fleet of trucks and chassis and an integrated network of smart depots. When it comes to your precious cargo, we’ve got the size, strength and skill to get it delivered well. Intermodal trucking has been a core focus of IMC Companies for 40 years.

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Equipment Storage

If you have shipping containers that can’t be delivered to their destination, IMC Companies can help. We offer secure short-term or long-term container storage in our terminals. Our storage facilities are strategically located near most ports and rail terminals in the United States.

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Expedited Services

IMC is focused on increasing efficiencies in the logistics processes of our clients. As an asset-based logistics provider, we can leverage our national network of trucking transport and support businesses to ensure optimal results. We pride ourselves in exceeding your expectations by leveraging our expertise in intermodal logistics.

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SmartStacks, our proprietary, data-based version of the peel pile increases overall capacity. IMC provides solutions to get your cargo delivered faster. Using SmartStacks, we’re tripling the number of out-gates at ports and terminals across the nation. In doing so, we’re reducing driver idling time which reduces fuel costs and emissions

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