Pacific Drayage Services (PDS)

Pacific Drayage Services, PDS, is a west coast based company specializing in container drayage. Not only does PDS serve California’s drayage needs, but it also works across the country. As part of IMC Companies, PDS’s location in Bakersfield is linked to a nationwide system of companies, all offering the best in transportation, drayage, and storage solutions.

Along with this national reach through IMC Companies, PDS understands the local market and is poised to handle drayage solutions of all sizes, up and down the west coast. Within California, PDS offers ocean container and rail trailer pick-up and delivery, for both inbound and outbound cargo and domestic trailers.

With a focus on the customer experience, the latest technology, and the safety of every shipment, PDS delivers solutions for all its customers’ drayage needs, no matter the size or distance.

Our Bakersfield office is located at 4115 Fruitvale Ave., Bakersfield, CA, 93308. If you have any questions you can reach out to us at (844) 903-4737.

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