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We have exciting news to share with you! In 2023, all our operating companies will begin doing business under one name: IMC.

Currently, IMC serves its customers via seven regional brands including Atlantic Intermodal Services (AIS), DNJ Intermodal Services (DNJ), Gulf Intermodal Services (GIS), H&M Intermodal (H&M), Intermodal Cartage Company (IMCG), Ohio Intermodal Services (OIS), and Pacific Drayage Services (PDS).

The consolidation to operate under one brand name is strategic both in terms of marketing and operations. The transition to the IMC name will happen gradually over the course of 2023 as IMC integrates one operating company at a time.

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Regional Expertise

IMC is Where Drayage is Going!

Our Family Of Companies

DNJ Intermodal Services

Great Lakes trucking and transloading. Service available in Chicago, Detroit, Eau Claire, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Minneapolis and St. Louis

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Gulf Intermodal Services

Gulf trucking and warehousing. Service available in Baton Rouge, El Paso, Gulfport, Houston, Laredo, Mobile, New Orleans and San Antonio

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H&M Intermodal Services

Northeast trucking and container depots. Service available in Newark (NJ) and Philadelphia (PA)

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Intermodal Cartage Company

Inland trucking, full service depots and warehousing. Service available in Alliance, Birmingham, Dallas, Huntsville, Memphis, Nashville and Tulsa

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Pacific Drayage Services

Northwest trucking and warehousing. Service available in Bakersfield, Fontana, Los Angeles, Oakland, Riverside, Seattle and Tacoma.

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