Regional Expertise
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We serve the international supply chain. IMC partners with beneficial cargo owners, freight forwarders, steamship lines, terminal operators, and other trucking companies to build innovative drayage solutions. And to manage better outcomes for our clients.

IMC Companies’ comprehensive, integrated network of trucking transport and support centers give you the advantage of local market knowledge combined with coast-to-coast coverage.

Combine that with a modern truck fleet, secure container terminals, and our proprietary real-time tracking system, and you get extraordinary levels of flexibility and efficiency. In addition, we have implemented solutions to relieve unproductive lifts, long driver dwell times and inaccessible cargo.

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If you need help in a specific region, check out our family of companies and the services they have to offer.


Regional Expertise

Our Family Of Companies

DNJ Intermodal Services

Great Lakes trucking and transloading. Service available in Chicago, Detroit, Eau Claire, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Minneapolis and St. Louis

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Gulf Intermodal Services

Gulf trucking and warehousing. Service available in Baton Rouge, El Paso, Gulfport, Houston, Laredo, Mobile, New Orleans and San Antonio

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H&M Intermodal Services

Northeast trucking and container depots. Service available in Newark (NJ) and Philadelphia (PA)

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Intermodal Cartage Company

Inland trucking, full service depots and warehousing. Service available in Alliance, Birmingham, Dallas, Huntsville, Memphis, Nashville and Tulsa

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Pacific Drayage Services

Northwest trucking and warehousing. Service available in Bakersfield, Fontana, Los Angeles, Oakland, Riverside, Seattle and Tacoma.

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