Managing Shipping Container Costs and Improving Efficiencies

We maximize the potential of your supply chain through a technique called Matchback. The Matchback process allows us to put your cargo into containers that would otherwise travel back to a designation empty. Simply, we save you time and money by matching your load to a container traveling back to your desired location.

What’s more, we’re minimizing our industry’s carbon footprint by ensuring that the transportation process is as tight and efficient as possible. As a volume carrier with a network of trucks, we have a unique perspective that allows us to target Matchback opportunities from the ground up.

Saving You Time and Money

Traditional Logistics Process

In the traditional logistics process, a truck will pick up the delivery at port, deliver it to the warehouse and then return the empty container to the port. Then the empty container travels to another warehouse to pick up products and then delivers it back to the port for export. In this process, there is an empty truck going back to the port and then going back out to another warehouse. It’s an inefficient and expensive process.

Traditional Logistics Process
Matchback Process

IMC's Matchback Process

With IMC’s Matchback process, a truck leaves the port with delivery to a warehouse. Then the truck is diverted to another warehouse to pick up another product and then returns to the port with the export delivery. This process reduces the “Empty Miles” thus saving you time and money.

Size, Strength and Skill

IMC Companies is the largest marine drayage provider in the U.S. with the largest fleet of trucks and chassis and an integrated network of smart depots. When it comes to your precious cargo, we’ve got the size, strength and skill to get it delivered well.

Intermodal trucking has been a core focus of IMC Companies since 1982. With more than 2,200 drivers on our team, and access to the largest network of trucks around, we can get your cargo delivered anywhere – even when capacity is tight.

Our GPS tracking allows us to see Matchback opportunities more easily and divert drivers when it’s appropriate.

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Size Strength and Skill

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