Memphis, TN

IMC offers logistics and transportation services to its customers both locally and throughout the United States. As a container drayage and intermodal trucking company, IMC focuses on achieving customer’s objectives by serving with sustainability and reliability. Our Memphis location, while personal enough to handle local business needs, also has an international transportation network at its disposal. IMC has access to the industry’s best solutions in cargo transportation and logistics. IMC’s reach extends from coast to coast, offering the most competitive prices and best equipment for your business.

  • Full-service container depots including on-site maintenance and repairs
  • Specialized lift equipment
  • Dedicated container and drayage services
  • Secured trailer/container storage
  • SSL Interchange point
  • 160-acre lighted and secured facility
  • Chassis solutions
  • Hostling services
  • Customs bonded carrier/facility
  • Haz-mat certified drivers
  • 10 Interchange lanes
  • 2,500 Slot capacity for grounded units
  • 3,500 Slot capacity for wheeled units
  • Current Depot Provider for various steamship lines including DCLI & TRAC
  • Top pick load lift
  • Taylor top pick empty lift that can stack 5 containers high
  • Forklift with chassis stacking capabilities
  • 2 Ottawa hostlers

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Our Memphis location can be found at 5707 E. HOLMES ROAD MEMPHIS, TN 3814