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Starting as a regional drayage firm forty years ago, IMC patiently put together a national network, leveraging local expertise along the way. That’s how we grew to be the leading marine drayage operator in the U.S.

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Everything changes. At IMC we understand that we must constantly adapt to keep business moving for our customers and partners. The entire supply chain depends on drivers who navigate challenges and deliver. Backed by 2,200 drivers, our veteran operations team and practical technology – providing real time visibility and a smarter system, we found a way to keep the chain moving.

Together, we’ll get things rolling faster than ever for our customers, for our drivers, and for our country.

As the largest marine drayage company in the United States, with an office at every major port and rail facility coast to coast – you can count on us to do our part to keep things moving forward.


Join our family of drivers, get home to your family daily.

At IMC, we are a family company. We know the happiest truck drivers are the ones who enjoy a healthy work-life balance. IMC encourages you to work hard, but also to spend time with your family, on your own schedule.


What our Drivers Say...

“I have never been at a company as long as I have been with AIS. AIS is a great place to grow roots. The Charleston office is driver-oriented along with being family-oriented. I love driving a truck! I’d rather drive a truck than a car any day of the week. We supply America”


RayOwner Operator

“I’ve been with PDS for 10 years and I’m very comfortable here. The management is great, the dispatch is helpful, and the trucks are top notch- what more could I ask for? I love this company and plan to retire with this company. I tell other drivers about PDS every chance I get.”


RellieCompany Driver

"DNJ is family-friendly. Joe has an open-door policy. They listen and want to solve problems. They always have work that fits your schedule."


RamiroCompany Driver

"When you’ve worked as long as I have for the same company, your routine is second nature. And, when you have a wife and grandson to come home to, you appreciate the flexibility that IMC provides, allowing me to spend quality time with them at the end of each day."


TonyOwner Operator

Why Drive for Us

At IMC, we do more to invest in you. We cannot offer the best in transportation without hardworking, dedicated drivers; you move our business forward.

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  • Home Daily
  • Long Term Career Opportunities
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