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iMCC is a Leader in SEO Services and BEST on SEO Prices, here's why:

When you research SEO Services pricing (search engine optimization pricing) and select an internet marketer, you'll want to research what you're getting with that SEO price. With iMCC Solutions, SEO prices include:

    - The expertise of a team ranked in the top 10 in the world for organic seo services.

    - For nearly 15 years, we have helped people succeed online and achieve top ranking. We guarantee to get your keyphrases on top 10 of google or (YOUR MONEY BACK)

    - A guaranteed successful SEO campaign: iMCC has a proven track record of SEO success,We don't utilize myths and theories like many in this industry, we study algorithm changes, test, innovate, and implement effective search engine optimization strategies. making your SEO price worth the investment.

Why Choose iMCC over other SEO companies?

With iMCC you only pay if we get your site ranked.

Our Pricing is upfront and there are no hidden fees. We will create a customize plan for you!

Here's a Secret Most internet marketing companies focus on getting more visitors, We focus on getting the best visitors!  Ones that will convert into customers.

You Spend Less for better profits, but we don't stop there. Using our innovative new strategies, we will continue to tweak your plan for consistently  better results!

Our Clients TYPICALLY ENJOY A 50%  REVENUE INCREASE and our Search Engine Optimization methods have a 100% positive result record.


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How it Works

1. Complete Website Analysis

The best SEO strategy to get the desired traffic to your website will be mapped out after our consultants have discussed with you and then analyzed your website

2. Get Your Customized Action Plan

You will get an SEO plan that suits your business objectives and budget. It will provide keywords, content for your website as well as links.

3. Get More Qualified Leads

SEO - Search Engine Optimization builds credibility and should be part of your long-term marketing strategy, but takes time to achieve natural search results. Over time, your SEO campaign will drive visitors to your site and increase the quality and quantity of leads for your business.

Features and Benefits

Professional Search Engine Optimization - SEO Services

We provide you with an SEO expert who will give you a one-on-one consultation in order to better understand your business.

Complete Search Engine Optimization Action Plan

Our top class SEO consultants will design a plan that will cover areas such as research and creation of keywords, on-site optimization as well as link building to relevant sites and submission to relevant directories. All these and other strategies combine to get the desired traffic to your site.

Progress Report

You get to see your rankings on the top search engines; Yahoo!, Google and MSN as well as view the source of your best prospects and leads.

Build On Your Results

Based on the information gotten from our Reporting system, you will be able to get the location of your best customers as well as determine the most effective keywords and sales sources.


What is Search Engine Optimization - SEO Services?

SEO as it is popularly known as Search Engine Optimization is a way to pull huge amount of organic traffic to your website. SEO assists search engines especially the popular ones like Google, Yahoo! and MSN to find your website and by doing so, help your website get a good ranking in search results and massive traffic. We are a full seo service (search engine optimization) and internet marketing company which can help you achieve top ranking on any keyword of your choice.

Why the need for Search Engine Optimization - SEO Services?

One outstanding fact about being ranked high in search results is that it generates credibility for your company, service or products. Search Engine Optimization makes it possible for you to get that good ranking and credibility as people conduct searches via search engines like Yahoo!, Google and MSN. As eCommerce becomes more popular and people get more involved, the need for strategies to raise a website’s visibility on the internet will increase significantly. We at iMCC can work with you to develop an SEO services plan that will suit your company size, business segment and budget.

SEO Services vs Pay Per Click Marketing?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads are the sponsored listing advertisements that appear at the top or on the right side of the organic search listings. Each time someone clicks on your PPC ad, you pay the search engines for that click. Our PPC marketing experts set up and manage cost-efficient PPC campaigns. PPC advertising offers the benefits of full control over your ad copy and keyword targeting. Combined with an SEO campaign, PPC can also be a very effective tool to increase your brands™ exposure in the search engines and increase sales.

What is SERP?

This is an acronym standing for Search Engine Results Page. This page is usually displayed in response to a query made on a search engine by an internet user. The query normally takes the form of a keyword or phrase.

Why Is It Necessary To Rank Well On Search Engines?

To begin with, the percentage of internet purchases that begin with search engine stands at an amazing 55%. When you consider the statistics that show that the top search engines get millions of queries per day, then you will realize the leads that you are losing if your site is not appearing within the first two pages of a positive query.

With Our SEO Services, we ensure that our clients get to the top of the search results on the search engines and get prominence as well as the attendant increase in their sales. The high impact of having a high ranking on one of the major search engines cannot be underestimated as your products/services will be seen all over the world.

Search Engine Optimization has been shown to have a higher impact than most other marketing methods as well as provide a higher Return On Investment. We help our clients make more out of their SEO Services than they would have made through print ads, direct mail, television or radio.

How Can Search Engine Optimization (SEO Services) Help Me?

Search Engine Optimization can get your website to the top of the search results where it will have the necessary prominence and iMCC can do this for you by optimizing your website to rank high for your selected keywords or phrases. All this will be in line with the most current search engine criteria using our own special formula that works wonders!

What Is Page Rank?

Page Rank refers to a metric used by search engines to determine the ranking a website should receive based on the number of links pointing to that site and the ‘quality’ of the sites providing those links. This metric is popularly used by Google and can increase with seo services